San Francisco raises minimum age required for smoking to 21 years of age.

Steve Jobs returns to Northern California to discuss iPhones


Superbowl event in Northern California coming soon – What are you thinking of doing – Going with the crowd or Staying@Home?

NorthernCalifornia.com – latest reports by date

Earthquake Magnitude 6.0 – 87 injuries reported in Northern California

6.0 Earthquake reported in Northern California – specifically NAPA VALLEY as EPICENTER

Latest reports indicate that 70+ reports have been reported as injuries or damage to individuals, and the issue is widespread.

To find out is by really capturing the Twitter and FaceBook feeds.

Everybody thinks they can be like Google. – Well, don’t waste your time, unless you have a specific advantage like they did.

Do you know what advantage they had?

Thinking about moving to the Bay Area?

What are the factors you’re looking for?  Are you looking for a quiet living environment, or a place where you have easy access to PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION or places TO EAT.  What are you really looking for out of living in Northern California?

Stanford University

Checkout Stanford University  A place to see the College Campus, PHDs, and the home of Google, where it started with Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Also, many other corporations were founded by founders who went to Stanford University.  To get to Stanford, go to El Camino Real, and drive the strip.  You will be able to try all the Indian Restaurants, the American, Chinese, Thai, Pho Vietnamese, and may be some hidden surprises.